Guide to Remove Worm:MSIL/Crilock.A Completely

By | June 27, 2014

Does your antivirus program pop up the report about Worm:MSIL/Crilock.A infection?

Cannot successfully remove this threat from your computer?

What shall you do to clean it out of your computer?

If you have no ideas how to deal with worm, please continue reading.


Worm:MSIL/Crilock.A is one type of computer worm designed by cyber criminals to spread from one computer to another so as to perform a series of malicious activities. This worm has attacked many computers and generates lots of problems since it is released to the internet. Unlike virus, this worm doesn’t need to attach itself to other files or programs in order to perform various operations. Soon after it gets installed on your computer, it will start creating many malicious files in your local disks (mainly in the disk C), and inject its own entries to the Windows registry, and it will regularly changes its file paths and file names, in order to avoid easily being detected and removed by your antivirus program. Besides, it will copy itself in the victims’ computers and spread its copies to other computers by utilizing the network connections. Typically, it uses spam emails to send its copies to the people in the email contact list. Furthermore, this worm can drop and install other malware onto your infected computer, which causes more unwanted problems and puts your computer into a more dangerous situation.
computer infection_6
The first symptom of the Worm:MSIL/Crilock.A infection would be that the computer gets slower and slower. This worm can also make some changes to your system settings, so you may find that your desktop image, default homepage and search engine are changed to another ones without any consent. You may also notice other system problems, such as occasional system crash and blue screen of death. To fix the problems caused by this worm and avoid unwanted damage, you have to take immediate action to get rid of this dangerous threat from your computer. In the following we are going to provide the manual guide and autoamtic guide to remove it.


Note: To follow the manual removal guide below, you should acquire enough computer expertise. If you are not skilled at computer and afraid of making any mistakes, please download and use an automatic removal tool to get rid of the worm.

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Guide to Remove Worm:MSIL/Crilock.A

Option 1: Manually Remove the Worm from Your Computer.

Option 2: Automatically Remove the Worm by Using SpyHunter.

Most users find it fail to get rid of this nasty worm using their own antivirus programs. Actually, this worm has the capability of disabling programs installed on the infected system. Therefore, users’ antivirus programs may stop response or cannot work normally, not to say removing the worm. However, if users leave alone this worm inside their PCs, it will bring much trouble to them. Hence, users should manually remove Worm:MSIL/Crilock.A from their machines promptly.

Option 1: Manually Remove the Worm from Your Computer.

1. Restart your computer and during the start-up process you should press the F8 key repeatedly.
2. When the “Advanced Boot Options” appears, please highlight “Safe Mode with Networking” and press Enter.
safe-mode with networking_2
3. Right clicking on the taskbar and select “Start Task Manager”. This will open the Windows Task Manager.
4. Under the “Processes” tab, find out and kill the processes related to Worm:MSIL/Crilock.A by selecting them and clicking on the “End Process” button.
5. Click Windows Start menu, in the search bar type “folder options”, and select the program “Folder Option” from the result list.
6. Under the “View” tab, tick “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”, non-tick “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”, and then click OK.
7. In the local hard disk C, please find out and delete files related to the worm.
8. Click Start menu, type “regedit” into the box and click the program “regedit” from the result list.
9. When the Registry Editor is opened, search for the registry values associated with Worm:MSIL/Crilock.A and delete them from your computer.


Option 2: Automatically Remove the Worm by Using SpyHunter.

SpyHunter is a reputable and reliable anti-malware program which offers detection and protection against all types of malware like worms, Trojans, rootkits, adware, spyware, ransomware, etc. You can download and install this removal tool on your computer, and then run it to perform a full system scan. It will thoroughly detect Worm:MSIL/Crilock.A as well as other threats hiding in your PC. Please take the steps below:

1. Click SpyHunter Download Link and save the file in your hard drive. When a small window pops up, please click on the “Save File” button.
spyhunter-save file
2. Once the file is downloaded, double click on it. And click on the “Run” button when a window appears and asks if you want to run this file.
spyhunter-run setup file
3. After that, SpyHunter installer will be downloaded. You can see the downloading process as shown below.
spyhunter-download installer
4. Once downloading finishes, select the language, accept the SpyHunter license agreement and click “Next”.
5. Keep following the wizard during the setup process. When you are presented with the prompt saying that SpyHunter has been successfully installed, click the “Finish” button.
spyhunter-installation finish
6. Then, launch SpyHunter by double-clicking on its icon, and then click on “Scan Computer Now” to scan your system for Worm:MSIL/Crilock.A and other potential threats.
7. The scanning process may take 10-60minutes (depending on the number of files in your system). So, you need to wait for some time until the system scan comes to an end.
spyhunter-scan files process
8. Once SpyHunter finishes scanning your computer, make sure that all malicious items are selected, and click on the “Fix Threats” button. Then, SpyHunter will begin remove all threats from your PC.
spyhunter-fix threats

Tip: If you are not expert at computer and have no ideas how to manually remove the worm, please directly download a reliable removal tool to automatically get rid of it from your PC. Using a removal tool can save you much time and can help protect your machine from future attacks.

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