Effective VBS:Agent-KZ Removal Guide

By | April 27, 2015

I have a laptop running in Windows 7 that got infected with VBS:Agent-KZ three days ago. My antivirus program (Avast) detects this threat but cannot remove it completely. Every time I finish the removal and restart my computer, I still receive alert about this threat from Avast. I also try removing VBS:Agent-KZ using Norton and AVG, but it won’t go. What should I do now? Is there any effective way to get rid of this stubborn threat ? Please help me!

What Is VBS:Agent-KZ?

VBS:Agent-KZ is a malicious Trojan horse that aims to steal confidential information and valuable data from your infected computer without letting you know. Once this Trojan horse attacks your PC, you will notice a drastic slowdown in its running speed as well as the network connection speed. This is because that this Trojan horse will occupy the memory space, disk space and Internet bandwidth while running in the background of your computer system. It can even crash your hard disks and disable different functions and programs on your computer. You may find that many pop-up ads appear on your computer screen and the websites that you are browsing. This Trojan horse will download ad-supported programs which keep popping up various ads and false security alerts, in order to mislead you into paying money for some fake products or non-existent services. Besides, the setting of your browser may be changed automatically. Default homepage and search engine are replaced by unknown ones and your search results are always redirected to some unwanted websites. This happens, just because that the Trojan horse can introduce other types of malware like redirect virus to your computer and cause the annoying browser redirection. If this hazardous Trojan horse is not detected and removed in time, it will bring very disastrous and dangerous effects. Therefore, timely removal of VBS:Agent-KZ is very necessary. Now you can follow the removal guide given below to eliminate this threat.

Note: We don’t recommend novice computer users to manually remove the Trojan horse, since it is a task of high complexity and risk. Any mistake may cause irreparable system corruption. Comparatively, using a professional malware removal tool will be a better option for users who are not experienced in computer operation.


Causes of VBS:Agent-KZ Infection

Visit Hacked Websites
Hackers are always looking for vulnerable websites that can be hacked. When a vulnerable website is found, they can inject the malicious codes into the websites. When you visit the hacked websites, a malicious Trojan horse will be automatically downloaded onto your computer.

Download Freeware or Shareware
Most of time, the Trojan horse will hide in some software or shareware which is available on the Internet. Once you download and install such free software on your computer, the Trojan horse can be downloaded and installed as well.

Open Spam Email Attachment
The Trojan horse can be distributed as an email attachment – and the email contains text that is designed to attract your attention and lure you to open the attachment. If you really do that, the Trojan horse will be activated without any additional action by you.

Click on Malicious Links
Links to infected sites can be sent via email, ICQ and other IM systems. If you click on such unsafe links, you will be redirected to websites which contain malicious codes of this Trojan horse.

Problems Caused by VBS:Agent-KZ

Slow Computer Speed
The Trojan horse and other related malware will take up high CPU usage when they are running in the system, which causes your computer to run slowly and sluggishly.

Sluggish Network
The Trojan horse and other malware will use your network bandwidth to send the information & data collected to the remote cyber hackers or send spam emails to people in your email contact list.

Frequent System Crashes
This Trojan horse will randomly damage\corrupt the system files and disable critical system processes, and this will cause the system to crash, freeze or shut down from time to time.

Many Advertisement or Security Alert Pop-ups
The Trojan horse will download and install many adware-supported programs on your computer, which will keep popping up lots of commercial ads and bogus security alerts on your computer screen in order to mislead you into buying certain products or services.

Browser Redirection
The Trojan horse will modify browser settings automatically, causing the browser to be constantly redirected to particular websites.

Identify Theft & Data Loss
The Trojan horse will monitor your activities on the computer and collect any useful information and data furtively. Then, it sends what it has collected to the remote hackers in the form of email.

Guide to Remove VBS:Agent-KZ Completely

When your computer is infected by the Trojan horse, you may first consider using your antivirus program to remove it completely. However, you may sadly find that your antivirus program doesn’t help remove this Trojan horse, even though it has significant functions which enable it to detect and remove many types of threats out of your computer. Why? This is because that VBS:Agent-KZ is designed with rootkit technique which allows it to hide deep in the infected system and evade detection and removal by a common antivirus program. Besides, this Trojan horse is able to deactivate your antivirus program by killing its related process. In this case, you need to find out other methods to deal with the Trojan horse.

Method 1: Remove the Trojan Horse by Taking the Listed Steps.
Method 2: Automatically Remove the Trojan Horse Using SpyHunter. 

Method 1: Remove the Trojan Horse by Taking the Listed Steps.

Step 1: Restart your computer and keep tapping F8 key until Advanced Boot Options shows up on the screen. Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the “Safe Mode with Networking” option and then press Enter key to proceed.


Step 2: Launch Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL + Shift + ESC keys simultaneously to or right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting the “Start Task Manager”. Click “Processes” tab, and scroll down to look for any running processes related to VBS:Agent-KZ. Then stop the selected processes by clicking on “End Process” button.



Step 3: Select the Start menu and open Control Panel. Click “Appearance and Personalization” and select “Folder Option”. Under “View” tab, check “Show hidden files and folders”, uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”, and then click the OK button.


show hidden  files and folders_1

Step 4: Delete all the files associated with VBS:Agent-KZ from your computer.

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\random.exe

Step 5: Click Start menu, type “Regedit” into the search box and click the program named “regedit.exe” from the results list. This will open the Registry Editor. Then, search for all the registry entries related to the Trojan horse and delete them all.

open registry editor_windows7


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\random

Method 2: Automatically Remove the Trojan Horse Using SpyHunter.

SpyHunter is a professional malware removal tool that helps to remove even the hardest malware from users’ PCs. Now you can download and install this removal tool to get rid of VBS:Agent-KZ immediately.

Step 1: Click on the download button below and save the file to your desktop. Then, run the downloaded file and proceed to download the SpyHunter installer.


Step 2: Once the SpyHunter installer is completely downloaded, select the language to proceed with the installation. After that accept the SpyHunter terms and wait till the installation finishes. Click the “Finish” button and you will see the home page of SpyHunter.

spyhunter-installation finish

Step 3: Now click on “Scan Computer Now” to scan the system for VBS:Agent-KZ and any other related computer threats.


Step 4: Once the scanning completes, SpyHunter will list all the detected threats residing in the system. Then, you need to remove all of the threats by clicking “Fix Threats’” button.

spyhunter-fix threats

How to Keep Your PC Safe?

Regularly update your operating system and the software installed on your PC.
Protect your computer with strong security software.
Ensure that your firewall is enabled, especially when you are surfing online.
Never open an attachment from unknown people or if an email looks suspicious.
Keep away from websites known to contain malware, like porn websites.
Never open links to websites that you don’t recognize or that are sent from people you don’t know.
Always scan the removable drives before installing them on your computer.

Warm Tips: The manual removal doesn’t always ensure a complete removal of VBS:Agent-KZ every time. Besides, it is cumbersome and risky that it is not for everyone. If you make any mistakes during the manual removal process, you may bring additional problems to your computer system. For the sake of safety, you can consider downloading and using a quality malware removal tool to clean up the Trojan horse easily and effectively. Download and install SpyHunter on your PC now!


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